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Gas Turbine services and parts
Wide range of services and repair, GE, Siemens, Mistubishi gas turbine

We serve the wide range of field service

Minor Inspection, example Visual Checking

Hot Gas Path Inspection (HGPI),

The Inspection of hot parts of the machine ,including checks/inspection on combustion  chamber, turbine stage, filter house, air intake,  Rotor is left  inside stator parts and only the turbine blade carrier is removed.

The Major Inspection

It includes activities involved in the HGPI, plus the removal of stator parts , inspection of the blades/ vanes, both compressor and turbine section..


capable of completing overhauls in a timely, safe and high quality manner. Field Services can support a wide range of power  generation equipment, including gas turbine, generator, steam turbine and auxiliary equipment

Ansaldo Energia-developed solutions for gas turrbine parts supply for example, rotor, stator, turbine ring, blade, hollow shaft, inner casing, Hi speed balancing,

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